Do They Know the Truth?

“Strike a scoffer, and the simple will become wary; Rebuke one who has understanding, and he will discern knowledge.”

Proverbs 19:25

Children learn by example. Today’s verse tells us that we can teach the simple by rebuking those who scoff.

What does that mean? It means that a child who is carefree and careless—who is simple—needs to be taught the truth. He or she needs to see sin exposed and to see the fruit of sin. In Proverbs 21:11, the same thing is taught: “When the scorner is punished, the simple is made wise” (KJV).

Do you know the worst thing that could happen to your child? It would be for your child to live in a society in which sin is embraced and to never see the consequences of sin. As parents and spiritual leaders, one of our jobs is to make sure that those we are given influence over understand the consequences of sin.

  • What are some ways the consequences of sin are not shown in our society? (Think of TV, movies, etc.)
  • Why is it important to know the truth about the consequences of sin?


This week, take time to lovingly remind someone you influence of the consequences of sin, despite what the world may display.