God reveals Himself to us through many different names in the Bible. No single name can describe all that God is. In fact, God uses each and every one of His names to reveal a different part of His character to us. Shown in Scripture, each of these names has great significance.

Let’s look at some of the significant names for God in the Bible, along with Bible verses about God. If you click on each image, you will find additional commentary for each name by Pastor Adrian Rogers.

Names of God

  1. Abba: Father
  2. Alpha and Omega: The Beginning and End
  3. Attiyq Youm: The Ancient of Days
  4. Christos: The Anointed One
  5. El Chuwl: The God Who Gave You Birth
  6. El Deah: The God of Knowledge
  7. El Elyon: The God Most High
  8. El Olam: The Everlasting God
  9. El Roi: The God Who Sees
  10. El Shaddai: God Almighty
  11. ElohimThe Creator
  12. Jehovah (Yahweh): The Self-Existent One
  13. Jehovah-Bore: The LORD Creator
  14. Jehovah-Jireh: The LORD Our Provider
  15. Jehovah-Nissi: The LORD Our Banner
  16. Jehovah-Rapha: The LORD Our Healer
  17. Jehovah-Rohi: The LORD Our Shepherd
  18. Jehovah-Sabbaoth: The LORD of Hosts
  19. Jehovah-Shalom: The LORD is Peace
  20. Jehovah-Shammah: The LORD is There
  21. Jehovah-Tsidkenu: The LORD Our Righteousness

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