March 2020

Meet Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark had climbed a lot of rungs since signing onto the Lynchburg, VA police force as a cadet. At the age of 33, Brandon took stock of his life. He didn’t like what he saw. Read his story to find out what did to change his future.

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Pastor Adrian Rogers Article

If you will trust God, here are 3 ways you’ll gain and celebrate victory. 

A message from Pastor Adrian Rogers.

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The Unstoppable Family.   Our best meetings with Dr. Rogers were always Tuesdays at lunch. He spoke wisdom for over an hour, then looked at the staff and challenged us with this truth. 

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One Good Gift Deserves Another

Help put the Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible back in print and get a Signature Series Bible for yourself – or a friend!

The Bible is a gift from God, so it’s only appropriate to “re-gift” the Word of God to someone else. How? LWF offers you two ways. First, for a gift of $2,500, you’ll receive one of the final 30 copies of the Limited Edition Signature Series Bible, a keepsake for yourself or a treasured gift for someone you love. But that’s just beginning. Your gift is also an investment in making a second printing of the LegacyBible a reality. 

We are ever so close to having the seed money to produce the standard Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible, one of our most frequently requested resources. Your gift may be the one that makes it a reality. Help us make it happen!

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March Premium

Adrian Rogers explains what it takes to have a solid foundation for your marriage and family in these five booklets. You will learn the root of marital problems, how to build a Godly home and protect your family, the guiding principles to be a real man of God, the role family takes in raising a child, and God’s instructions for raising Godly children.

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Experience Easter

This year, Experience Easter and gain an ever-deeper understanding of Jesus’ unshakable conquest. Sign up for LWF’s daily devotions, and then each day April 1–12 you’ll embark on a heart-changing journey from Gethsemane to Golgotha to the foot of the Cross where you will witness the passion and death of Jesus and experience His love afresh and anew. 

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Love Lost?

“Since my local station ceased its broadcast television transmissions of Pastor Adrian Rogers, I cannot receive your programs,” a long-time friend of the ministry recently wrote.  

Are you in the same situation? We can help!

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