Prayer Wall

Please review the following guidelines for the Prayer Wall. LWF may remove any submissions at our discretion.


Please respect the privacy of others. When asking for prayer for another, use only the first name or initials. We strongly suggest using only the initials if it is a sensitive and personal prayer request. For your protection, we may edit your submission to remove items like surnames and email addresses.


Please refrain from responding to other requests; simply pray for the individual. We appreciate that you may want to counsel or encourage a brother or sister, but in order to keep this a safe and encouraging place for others we ask that you refrain from doing this to avoid misinterpretation or disagreement.

Please refrain from posting any links, even to Christian resources. This area is for prayer requests and these will be removed without exception.

Please refrain from making personal statement or declarations; if you wish to communicate these, do so in the form of a prayer request. This includes Bible verses posted without context.

Any threats of violence, including prayers to God about such, will be removed without exception.

Please do not submit the same prayer request multiple times.

If you see content that you feel is inappropriate, have questions about the moderation, or have other issues please contact us.

Thank you for your passion and your cooperation. We consider it a privilege to join you in prayer and hope that by following these guidelines the Prayer Wall can be a safe and encouraging place for all of us.