His Story: God’s Purpose and Plan from Genesis to Revelation

His Story: God’s Purpose and Plan from Genesis to Revelation

Adrian Rogers


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In today’s fast-paced, self-focused world, it’s difficult to find quality biblical teaching, let alone teaching that simplifies profound truth so it can be applied to everyday lives. At Love Worth Finding, we understand that struggle and seek to help Christians grow deeper in their faith through the timeless teachings of pastor, teacher, and author Adrian Rogers. This book contains eight powerful chapters that layout God’s purpose and plan for the redemption of mankind from Genesis to Revelation. His Story starts at Creation and walks you through a simple, yet profound, description of Jesus' life woven through the entire Bible.


     For most of us, we like things made very clear and simple.
     Complicated, convoluted, and multi-faceted explanations can leave us all scratching our heads. However, when someone can take an issue and explain it in a clear, plain, and straightforward manner, we are so thankful.
     That’s what this book is all about. Adrian Rogers has masterfully and simply taken the largest pieces of the Bible story and broken them into eight key chapters.
     As you read, you will learn about the pages of Scripture in these categories

  • His Creation
  • His Covenant
  • His Cradle
  • His Cup
  • His Crown
  • His Cross
  • His Conquest
  • His Coming

     Our desire is that the reader will see Jesus in all of history, and will begin to better understand the message of redemption in the Bible from start to finish. You’ll start with the God of creation, learning about His power, His purpose, and His personal interest in your life. Then, you’ll move to the wonderful covenant that God made with Abraham and his family.
     Going forward, you will discover the cradle and the mystery, ministry, and majesty of Jesus’ birth. From there, you will read about the cup that our Savior bore as you learn about the contents of the cup, the communion of the cup, and the consumption of the cup. After the cup, you will read about Jesus’ crown of thorns—its mystery, misery, mockery, ministry, and majesty.


     As you continue on, you will peruse pages leading you to the cross of Christ. In this section, you will gain insights on the sufferings of the cross, the satisfaction of the cross, and the salvation of the cross. Further, you will read about the conquest of Jesus; His preaching convinces, His persecution continues, His power confronts, His presence compels, and His people confess.
     The final chapter will share the future hope of His coming. Jesus is coming again! He is coming visibly, victoriously, and vengefully. We should look forward to His coming!
     Ultimately, the Bible is all about the Lord Jesus. We pray that you will find Him, enjoy Him, and get to know Him more as you read through His Story: God’s Purpose and Plan from Genesis to Revelation.