Special Facebook & YouTube Event featuring Russell O’Quinn on November 11 at 8pm CST

Russell O’Quinn, an Air Force veteran, is a world-renowned test pilot. His story is riveting, reading almost like fiction, but it is true. Hear how God changed his heart and profoundly transformed his life.

Veterans Day is a day to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Love Worth Finding wants to help honor our veterans with a Special Event featuring Russell O’Quinn on Facebook and YouTube on November 11 at 8 pm CST.

A Quote from Russell O'Quinn

I realized that I had in my hands the latest technology known to man. I had avionics on board that made a plaything out of this weather and I was able to use it to pull up alongside of someone and lead him home to safety. On how much greater a basis you and I who know the Lord Jesus Christ, we hold the very words of life in our hands. I urge you to use what God has put in your place and your hands to pull up alongside of someone and lead them home.

Will you join us?

Join us on November 11 at 8 pm as Russell O’Quinn shares his emotionally moving and spiritually inspiring testimony. The video will be available on Facebook and YouTube.

Our Special Offer

Love Worth Finding is offering a veterans package with your gift of any amount that includes the Russell O'Quinn story, a video bonus feature presented to the LWF staff, and "A Prayer for America booklet."

Special Note: We would like to provide this package at no cost to any veterans who desire it. Please click here to provide shipping information and receive this special "thank you" for your service from Love Worth Finding.

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