Writing scripture can be one of the easiest ways to focus on the Lord and His Word. For less than 10 minutes a day, we encourage you to take one of these Scripture Writing Plans and really focus on that day's specific passage. There are several options. Which plan will you start with?

Adrian Rogers said, “The weakest ink is better than the best memory. Study with pen in hand.”

Grab your pen and Bible and get into the Word of God!

Freedom in Christ

As a follower of Christ, you can experience true freedom. The Bible has several verses that discuss the freedom found in Jesus. Not sure where to look? Download our Scripture Writing Plan to learn more! Grab your pen and Bible and start writing!

Digging Deeper with Discipleship

The Bible has a lot to say about discipleship, but why is it truly important? Jesus' last command to His disciples was to "go and make disciples." We are to continue modeling that today. Download this plan to dig deeper with discipleship!

Know and Live the Truth

In a world overwhelmed by lies and opinions, we need the truth more than ever before. How do we know what is true and what's not? God's Word is the truth. Download this Scripture Writing Plan so that you can truly know and live out the Truth.

Get Unstuck

Do you need a jumpstart on your relationship with the Lord? These verses will give you time to concentrate on your love for the Lord and His love for you.

Put on Love

Need some encouragement on how to love God and love others? Follow this scripture writing plan to learn more about Christlike love and how you can apply it.

Praying Parent

Are you trying to pray more for your children? These scriptures will help you keep your mind on God's best for your family. Start writing today!

Sharing the Gospel

When you have good news, you want to share it. Do you have a desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ -- the Gospel? Many verses in the Bible discuss the necessity of this action. Start this Scripture Writing Plan to read each Scripture for yourself!

Why You Should Write Scripture:

1. Writing Scripture helps us to focus on God's Word in smaller portions, so we can really meditate on what we're reading. 

2. Writing Scripture gives us the ability to make notes, circle keywords, and have more space to mark up the verses.

3. Writing Scripture helps us to pay attention to all the details. 

4. Writing Scripture reminds us to slow down as we read God's Word. 

What We're Hearing: 

"I am so uplifted by the Scripture Writing Plan. I have been memorizing each set given. I wish to thank you for this plan and for the encouragement. God is using Love Worth Finding to help me along in my Christian walk."––Carol

"With my current busy schedule, I am often distracted. This helps me to focus even in the midst of studying. It is a great tool to enhance Bible study."––Davies