Possessing Your Possessions

Numbers 13:30-31
(RA-2473, Program: 3018, Air date: 07.29.18)

    1. In Christ, we have all the love, patience, joy, peace, wisdom and faith that we need.
    2. Many of us live unsatisfied lives because we have never received the blessings that God has already given.
    3. We need to possess our possessions.
      1. Romans 5:5
      2. 2 Peter 1:3
      3. 1 Corinthians 10:11
    4. Numbers 13:30-31
      1. God had led the children of Israel out of Egypt and the wilderness and desired to lead them into the land of Canaan.
      2. Canaan was a land of richness; it was also a land inhabited by giants. The men with Joshua and Caleb were afraid to try to take the land.
      3. God had already promised them the land; the children of Israel needed to possess their possession.
      4. Canaan represents:
        1. Liberty from oppression
          1. Romans 6:14
        2. Rest from wandering
        3. Variety rather than monotony
        4. Accomplishment rather than poverty
      5. Joshua, who was leading the people, is a picture of Jesus Christ; Joshua is the Old Testament name for Jesus. Caleb represents us.
  2. CALEB’S CHALLENGE (Numbers 13:22-33)
    1. If you’re looking for the easy, cheap or lazy way to serve God and possess your possessions – forget it.
    2. The giants in the land were strong in size.
      1. Numbers 13:32-33
    3. The giants were strong in position.
      1. Numbers 13:17
    4. The giants were strong in defense.
      1. Numbers 13:28
    5. The giants were strong in their determination.
      1. Numbers 13:22
    6. The giants were strong in arrogance.
      1. Numbers 13:22
  3. CALEB’S COURAGE (Numbers 13:30)
    1. Numbers 14:6-9
    2. Caleb saw his problems from God’s perspective.
      1. Numbers 14:6-7
      2. Things are much smaller from God’s point of view.
    3. Caleb saw his problems from God’s purpose.
      1. Numbers 14:8-9
      2. Use your difficulties as spiritual food and lean what God is teaching in that moment.
    4. Caleb saw his problems from God’s promises.
      1. Numbers 14:8-9
      2. God has already given the victory, we just need to claim it.
  4. CALEB’S CONQUEST (Joshua 14:6-14)
    1. What caused Caleb to have the victory?
      1. His undiminished faith.
        1. Joshua 14:6-7
      2. His wholehearted obedience.
        1. Joshua 14:9
        2. Joshua 14:14
      3. His supernatural strength.
        1. Joshua 14:11
        2. Joshua 14:11
    1. God has given us all that we need.
    2. In Christ, we are complete.
    3. We need to see from God’s perspective, see God’s promises, see God’s purposes, and possess our possessions.
    4. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    5. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
      1. Romans 3:23
      2. Romans 10:9-10
      3. Romans 10:13
      4. Acts 16:31

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