Five Ways to Draw Closer to Jesus

Ruth 3

Spiritual Disciplines

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Ruth 3

In this message, Pastor Rogers looks to the story of Ruth as a model for us of the beautiful role and redemption that Jesus plays in our lives - both when things seem like they couldn’t get any better and when things seem like they couldn’t get any worse.

From the moment Ruth encounters the man of Bethlehem who can provide in abundance everything she will ever need, her story and her life depict what Jesus wants to do for us. As the story continues to unfold, we see Boaz taking the initiative, pursuing Ruth even in the simple, everyday, unexpected moments of her life. And, as Pastor Rogers looks at the person of Boaz, we see and learn so much about the way Jesus has loved and redeemed us.

Apply it to your life

At times, we’ve all found ourselves feeling powerless, spiritually discouraged, disconnected, and vulnerable - just like Ruth. It’s in these times, when we need someone who can come alongside us saying, “You are mine. You’ll never be alone again. I am with you.” Well, we do have someone.

The Bible says, “We love him because He first loved us.” Before we even knew Him, He took the initiative and expressed His love commitment by laying down His life.

Our relationship with Jesus must go beyond Bible study and church attendance. It’s when we get to know and follow Him closely - day in and day out - that our relationship with Him turns into a deep love commitment that compels us to serve people, give freely, love better, and share more.