God's Amazing Grace

Ruth 2


Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Ruth 2

I believe that a great story is one that really captures your heart and causes you to feel something deeper. This story of Ruth and Boaz is one of those stories that reaches much deeper than love on the surface. So much so, that what lies beneath this story can only be attributed to the beautiful and undeserving grace of God. Think about it, if Ruth had “deserved” God’s grace, then this story would immediately go from great to just ok. Often times, it’s the story behind the story - the underlying emotions and circumstances - that captures our hearts and takes a story from good to great.

As we look carefully at Ruth and Boaz, you can see the underlying story right from the start. Ruth is born into a culture completely apart from God. As a poor woman who’d lost her husband, she makes a choice to walk away from all that’s familiar and safe to her - family, friends, home - and says, “I’m leaving and going to a place I’ve never been. I’m going to Bethlehem.” And, it’s there that Ruth, with low to no expectations at all, finally meets Boaz. They’re in love with each other. Ruth captures the heart of Boaz. It’s in that love commitment that Boaz is compelled to do more and go further as God’s appointed protector and provider of Ruth.

Apply it to your life

In every area of your life - as a spouse, a parent, an employee, a leader, a boss, a friend - do you live each day as if you’ve captured the heart of God? That God wants you? That God is for you?

See, you and I are to God, as Ruth was to Boaz. We’ve captured the heart of God. God’s love commitment for us is unbreakable. It’s the reason why, even as undeserving as we are, that God graciously sent his Son Jesus to die for us, to redeem us, and to secure us.

This is the beautiful love story of God’s Amazing Grace. Grace that we do not deserve and we cannot earn. Grace that redeems. Grace given to us freely and that cannot be repaid.

A grace backed by love so deep, that it compels us to live differently and love courageously.

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.” That’s the Good News.

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