It Is Decision That Determines Destiny

Ruth 1


Adrian Rogers

Topic: Grace

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Ruth 1

Who doesn’t love a great love story? It’s human nature to be moved or compelled by love. We’re just created that way. The book of Ruth illustrates this beautifully—a young woman from Moab—the wrong side of the tracks—unexpectedly meets a man in Bethlehem.

But, this love story is different. Why? Because, in addition to being a love story - it's also a true story. Taking place in a dark, lawless time where there was no king, no order, a famine, and everyone did what they thought was right - Ruth had so much going against her. And for her, everything would come down to a single decision—one that she has to make for herself—a decision of faith over sight.

Apply it to your life

We are the sum total of our decisions. In fact, the book of Ruth shows us that it is our decisions that determine our destiny. Ruth's decision - to choose faith over sight - changed her life forever. She married into the royal line and became part of the direct family line of Jesus.

Think about the decisions you’ve made. Like most people, there are those decisions where you’re confident you made the right choice and others you wish you could make differently.

Adrian Rogers used to say, “You’re free to choose, you’re not free NOT to choose, and you’re not free to choose the consequences of your choices. Your choices choose for you.”

So today, whether your life seems to be going well or you find yourself hurting or troubled, when you choose to give your life to Jesus, you can always count on this: You’ll find yourself in the middle of God’s love for you and you’ll never have to make another difficult decision alone.

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