Redeeming Love

Ruth 4

Grace, Salvation

Adrian Rogers

Topic: Grace

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Ruth 4

The story of Ruth began with a funeral and ended with a wedding. It started with famine and ended with abundance. And now, this four-part story of Ruth and Boaz concludes with joy.

We’ve seen Ruth leave her home and her family behind. We’ve seen a widow - distressed and poverty stricken - with a cursed past and what seemed to be a crushed future. She’s faced sin, sorrow, and death, all alone and without a Savior.

But, Ruth had a friend named Naomi. It’s this friendship that compelled her to want God.

Ultimately, this friendship is what turned Ruth’s future from crushed to forever changed, a future that involves a new destiny for her and for the family line of Jesus.

Apply it to your life

We are no different from Ruth before we find Jesus. In our past and sometimes in the present, we feel hopeless, friendless, and alone while we are looking for help, hope, and even redemption.

When we are saved, we become a part of the family of God.

Our past is erased. Our potential legacy is restored.

If you’re a follower of Jesus, then you’re a family member of Jesus.

Just as we saw in Ruth’s story, our stories can also be a picture of Jesus. Jesus wants to be “the story behind the [your] story.”