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Resources to help you grow

What Every Christian Ought to Know is Love Worth Finding's primary discipleship resource from Pastor Adrian Rogers. It gives every believer, and especially new believers, a firm grasp on the basic truths of our faith. Being grounded in what we believe and why we believe it is foundational to strengthening and growing in faith. Our desire, as you prayerfully work through this material, is that these truths will help you grow stronger in your daily relationship with Jesus. Begin this individual study now.


Help and Guidance from God's Word

Over the years, our LWF community has identified some of our most encouraging resources for times of struggle. Now these are available online through our Life Answers resources page. Find out more here!

Discipleship is more than just Sunday mornings.

And we know this isn't always easy. Many of you are looking for ways to grow, study the Bible, and be encouraged in your relationship with Jesus throughout the week, on the go, in the office, and at home. Download the My LWF App today through your favorite app store.

What Every Christian Ought to Know (Book)


Discover Jesus: The Author and Finisher of Our Faith


Profound Truth Simply Stated card set